Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Language Travel Magazine - Spanish for Success

Spanish for Success was asked by Language Travel Magazine on a survey they were conducting. The result was the piece below. This is the partial information, click on the link below for the full information.


USA reaching out
Fairs and exhibitions are fast becoming the preferred choice for US agents seeking new business, while junior programmes are gaining favour among US students, according to this year's Agency Survey on the USA.

The total number of students placed by the seven agencies in our survey was 2,722

Individual agencies placed between 120 and 1,000 students on courses per year

Average business growth was 16 per cent in the last 12 months

The average length of stay for US students was one week

Four out of the seven agencies canvassed charge clients a handling fee

On average, agencies worked with 21 schools in the last 12 months

Language travel programmes accounted for 75 per cent of business, followed by internships at 17 percent

To read more of the Language Travel Magazine Survey.

Monday, December 29, 2008

SFS-Expanding Its Medical Spanish Program

January 1, 2009

Spanish for Success

Medical Spanish Courses In Los Angeles Region

Customized For The Health Care Industry




PO Box 29637

Los Angeles, CA 90029

Notice of Expansion On Our Medical Spanish Program

This day is our official launch of additional Medical Spanish programs in Los Angeles Region. Part of the Spanish for Medical Regional Department. Directed by Russo Mutuc and Laura Zayas. The course offered will be customized for each specific department in the health care industry. Along with already produced materials from Medical Spanish Manuals, poster-sized color drawings, vocabulary flashcards, audio CD’s, and soon online Inter-active content.


(Spanish I)
Spanish IA (lessons 1-9)
Lesson 1: Basic Greetings • Questions •
Expressions • People
Lesson 2: Objects • Interrogative Words • Articles
Lesson 3: Numbers • Days/Months/Seasons
Lesson 4: Pharmacy • Money • Verb: Necesitar
Lesson 5: Basic regular –AR Verbs • Conjugation
Lesson 5B: Other regular –AR Verbs • Irregular –AR Verbs
Lesson 6: Regular –ER and –IR Verbs • Conjugation
Lesson 7: Irregular –ER Verbs: Querer • Poner • Hacer
Words to create Sentences
Lesson 8: Human Body• Verb Tener • Use Tener to express
aches/pains/conditions and tell age
Lesson 9: Personal Characteristics • Medical Staff Positions •
Adverbs • Descriptive Adjectives • Verb Ser (to be)Details:


Monday, December 22, 2008

What People Are Saying About Costa Rica-Testimonials

Repost by SFS:

yeah its better to drive or get around without a map, what better way to practice your spanish. we found sooo much more off the beaten path it was ridiculous. we drove from the caribe side to the pacific side totally on gravel dirt roads all the way up to el bosque en los nubes.............the people were amazing from the children all the way up to the elders. one thing to mention, is do not put anything of value next to jealousy windows!!!!!

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