Saturday, November 8, 2008

SFS Collaborating With Programs in Vina Del Mar, Chile

February 2, 2008

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Notice of Collaboration work with Spanish school in Vina Del Mar, Chile

This day is our official launch of offering additional programs in Vina del Mar, Chile. The location offers plenty of options, from Spanish studies, volunteer, and internship. Lodging can vary from homestays to apartments (shared)


Group Spanish classes are available

Private tutoring also available on a per hour rate

Volunteer programs available

Internship Programs Available

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spanish for Success Updates

Russo M.
(Spanish for Success Coordinator)

“Pura Vida!” Hay guys this is Russo from Spanish for Success, many of you probably remember me from either coordinating your programs, helping you answer questions, speaking with you at California Study Abroad fairs, guiding tours, or group meetings. Well, this is my very first time posting something about me and introducing myself to the internet, so Im a bit nervous. But a few more of these, I am sure I’ll get more comfortable. Soooo, a brief background about me; Back in 2002, believe or not, I too was a language student, I participated in a month long program in Costa Rica, I MUST SAY ONE OF MY BEST EXPERIENCES IN LIFE! After wards, I become a big fan of language representation around the world. Currently, my full time is working with past, present, future language students. But in the side I still practice my main career in the medical field.

For a long time, I have been pondering about what I need to write, so I will go over some main questions usually asked by potential students.

Some questions asked,

Hay Russo, “Why Costa Rica or why should I go to there?”

Well, in a short summary, “Costa Rica is a great outdoors playground for North Americans and Europeans, the weather is great all year round, there is an abundance of activities to do. You can surf at the beach, and watch some amazing sunsets, or zipline across canopies, how about rapelling of waterfalls (Don’t look down !), perhaps rafting in some of the best locations in the world “paddle, paddle”, big fan of hiking? Check out the cloud forests, generally in Costa Rica there are lush green vegetation which makes you feel alive. When I'm in the country, one of my favorite "to do" in the country is to eat the tasty foods (but hold off the bean please “sin frijoles por favor”), There is also a vibrant culture in different parts of the country, for the foot loose gurus they have some of the best dancing skill like Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, and if you’re a language student Costa Rica offers plenty of Spanish practice”

Hay Russo “Why Should I go and study Spanish in Costa Rica?”

Well, the country is a great place to learn the language because of many reasons (one)The amount of time you spend in a one of our programs we offer is a lot faster than taking classes at home in comparisons to like community college, or private institutes (two) The program covers all aspects of learning like reading, writing, and communication. Plus Students get a lot of practice speaking in class, at the homestay, going out into town and visiting local shops, open markets, cafĂ© shops, and many more. (three) The country is relatively easy to get to from North America, usually about 2-7 hours from main airport hubs within the US (four) Cost effective compared to Europe the dollar goes a lot further when spent in the country 5) I can go on and on, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information.

Hay Russo “Which location should I go and what campus?”

In response to a question, I usually ask the student back a question or two about their main objectives within the country? What do you want to see and do? From there, I can best answer their original question. The best way to figure out a location is to think about how much time you can participate in the language program, and what activities would you like to do. With the programs offered students can actually participate in multi-location. Because we are an agency and is operated by former students of the program, like yours truly, we know the questions that the current students are looking for. If you have two or more weeks then you have the option of going to more than one location. This way you are able to travel within the country and learn Spanish at the same time. Take for example this itinerary: week one at the city exploring the museums, night life, tours, learning Spanish Week two: head to the country side for some adventures in rafting, zipline, hiking and learn more Spanish Week three: head to the beach for surfing lessons and watch some amazing sunsets and learn MORE More Spanish. Basically the weeks are flexible in a way that we can help coordinate depending on the amount of time you have, and the locations and activities you’re interested in participating in. In regards to the campuses, all of the schools we work with have been in the business for more than 5 years. Experienced staff, homestays families, teachers, and tour operators make a quality type of education and experience.

Hay Russo “How do I sign up for the program”

Simple, hop into our website click on the contact us section for more questions, or if your are ready to register, simply fill in the registration form located on the left side of the web page or on the top section. Let us know the time, location or campus of interest, and type of packaged program. Once we have received your registration we will start the preliminary reservations, and an invoice will be sent to you via email. A deposit or full payment might be required depending on the program. Once the deposit or full payment has been received, we send out Final Confirmation and a phone follow for a refresh on what to expect in the program and go over last minute questions.

Well, these are just some of the points we wanted to share with you, hope some of the contents written was somewhat helpful.

Ohh and one more thing, here is what’s up for 2009

iSpring Break Costa Rica! Spanish for Success is hosting a week long touring with in the country on March 2009. This will be a fun, adventurous, cultural type of experience. If you're into rafting, zipline, night life dancing, and hanging out at the beach, maybe come with us for a different type of experience.

And as always check out the website for the continuing programs on Spanish courses, Medical Spanish, Spanish for Educators, High School programs, and many more…

That’s it for now, see you later!